Top 100 Most Usefull Idioms And Phrases

Usefull Idioms And Phrases इस Post मे यह बताएगे की कौन कौन से Idiom Phrases बहुत सी परीक्षाओ मे पूछे जाते है, यहॉ पर नीचे उपलब्ध 100+ Idioms Phrases है, वो किसी न किसी एक दिवसीय परीक्षा (One Day Exam) मे कई बार पूछे गए है तो नीचे दिए गए Words को ध्यानपूर्वक प़ढे और अपनी किसी Notebook मे लिखे जिससे आपको किसी भी परीक्षा के लिए बार बार हमारी Website Open नही करनी प़़डेगी तो नीचे दिए गए 100 Most Important Idiom & Phrases पर ध्यान दे।

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100 Idioms And Phrases For One Day Exam

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  1. Above all ⇔ (chiefly, mainly)(सबसे अधिक)
  2. On Account of ⇔ (due to, for the reason)(के कारण)
  3. On no account ⇔ (not for any reason)(बिना किसी कारण के )
  4. Above board ⇔ (honest, beyond reproach)(स्पष्ट,ईमानदारी से)
  5. To give a good account of oneself ⇔ (to act with credit to oneself)
  6. A fidus Achates ⇔ (a faithful friend)
  7. The heel of Achilles ⇔ (a week point) (कमजोर हिस्सा)
  8. An Adonis ⇔ (a very handsome man) (सुन्दर पुरूष)
  9. To build castles in the air ⇔ (To day dream)(हवाई किले बनाना)
  10. To assume airs ⇔ (to affect superiority)
  11. To air one’s opinions ⇔ (to give vent to one’s feeling in public)
  12. To stand aloof ⇔ (To keep to oneself and not mix with others)
  13. To lead to the altar ⇔ (to marry)(विवाह बंधन में बंधना)
  14. An Amazon ⇔ (a warlike masculine woman) (एक साहसी महिला )
  15. An Ananias ⇔ (a liar) An Apollo (a man with perfect physique)
  16. The apple of discord ⇔ (cause of quarrel)(झगड़े की जड़)
  17. To upset the apple cart ⇔ (to disturb the peace) (शांति भंग करना)
  18. Apple pie order ⇔ (in perfect order) (बिल्कुल ठीक हालत मेेंं)
  19. Arcadian life ⇔ (a blissful, happy, rural and simple life)
  20. To keep a person at an arm’s length ⇔ (to avoid and keep distance from a person)(किसी से दूरी बनाये रखना)
  21. To take up arms ⇔ (to fight, to go to war)(लड़ने के लिेए तैयार )
  22. To have an axe to grind ⇔ (to have some selfish objective in view)
  23. Not to know a B from a bull’s foot ⇔ (to be ignorant of even the simplest things)
  24. A Babel  (a confused noise)
  25. To break the back of any thing ⇔ (to perform the most difficult part of it)
  26. To get one’s back up ⇔ (to rouse one’s anger)
  27. To backbite a person ⇔ (to slander or speak ill of someone)
  28. He has no backbone ⇔ (he has no will of his own)
  29. To cause bad blood ⇔ (to cause enmity)(शत्रुता का कारण)
  30. Bag and baggage ⇔ (with all one’s belongings)(बोरिया बिस्तर समेत)
  31. To keep the ball rolling ⇔ (to keep things going)
  32. Baptism of fire ⇔ (a soldier’s first experience of actual war)
  33. To call to the bar ⇔ (to admit as a barrister)
  34. Barmecide’s feast ⇔ (imaginary benefits)(आश्चर्यजनक लाभ)
  35. To beat about the bush ⇔ (to approach a matter in an indirect and round about manner)(बोत को इधर उधर घूमाना)
  36. To be dead beat ⇔ (worn out by fatigue)
  37. Bed and board ⇔ (lodging and food)
  38. As you make your bed, so must lie on it ⇔ (you will have to bear the consequences of your crimes or your own mistakes or misdeeds)
  39. To take to one’s bed ⇔ (to have to be confined to bed as a result of sickness)
  40. Bee-line ⇔ (the shortest distance between two places)(दो स्थानो के बीच की निकटतम दूरी)
  41. To go a begging ⇔ (to be sold very cheaply because no one cares to buy)
  42. Behind one’s back ⇔ (without one’s Knowledge)(बिना किसी ज्ञान के )
  43. Behind the scenes ⇔ (in private, out of sight)
  44. To bell the cat ⇔ (to undertake a dangerous task and the enemy is common)
  45. To hit below the belt ⇔ (to act unfairly in a contest)
  46. His better half ⇔ (a man’s wife)(पत्नी)
  47. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush ⇔ (certainty is better then possibility)
  48. An old bird is not to be caught with chaff ⇔ (experienced people are not easily fooled or deceived)
  49. To take the bit between one’s teeth ⇔ (to get out of control)
  50. To bite the dust ⇔ (to be defeated in battle)(युध्द में धूल चटाना)
  51. The biter bit ⇔ (to cheat the cheater)(धोखेबाज से धोखा)
  52. His bark was worse than his bite ⇔ (he usually makes a lot of vain verbal threats)
  53. A wet Blanket ⇔ (a person who is a discourage)
  54. In cold Blood ⇔ (deliberately)(निर्दयता से)
  55. Blood is thicker than water ⇔ (One usually takes the side of ones relation against another who is not one’s own blood)
  56. To blow hot and cold ⇔ (to do one think at one time and the opposite soon after)
  57. A blue stocking ⇔ (a learned woman)
  58. Once in a blue moon ⇔ (a very rare occurrence)(मुश्किल से, यदा -कदा)
  59. Blue ribbon ⇔ (the highest prize in any sport competition)
  60. At first Blush ⇔ (at first sight)
  61. In the same boat ⇔ (in the same misfortune or circumstances)
  62. A bolt from the blue ⇔ (a sudden)(अचानक आई विपत्ती)
  63. A bone of contention ⇔ (a cause of dispute)(झगड़े की जड़)
  64. A Book-worm ⇔ (a person always poring over books)(किताबी कीड़ा)
  65. By leaps and bounds ⇔ (with remarkable speed)(दिन दूनी रात चौगुनी)
  66. Breach of promise ⇔ (failure to keep a promise to marry one of whom you are betrothed)
  67. One’s bread and butter ⇔ (one’s means of livelihood)
  68. His bread is well butter ⇔ (he is in fortunate circumstance)
  69. The bread winner ⇔ (one who provides the means of livelihood for himself and his family)
  70. To Break in ⇔ (to tame, to control in a gentle manner)
  71. To break the news ⇔ (to tell someone some important news, usually bad news)
  72. To break the ice ⇔ (to be the first to begin)(चुप्पी तोड़ना)
  73. To breadth one’s last ⇔ (to die)(मर जाना)
  74. To breadth freely again ⇔ (to be no longer in a fear or anxiety)
  75. To make bricks without straw ⇔ (to attempt to do something without proper materials or due preparations)
  76. Never cross the Bridge until you come to it ⇔ (don’t anticipate difficulties)
  77. It is an broad as it is long ⇔ (it is the same whichever way you view it)
  78. To brow beat ⇔ (to bully)
  79. To kick the bucket ⇔ (to die)(मर जाना)
  80. John bull ⇔ (an Englishman)(एक अंग्रेज व्यक्ति)
  81. To burry the hatchet ⇔ (to forget past quarrels and be friends again)
  82. Good wine needs no bush ⇔ (there is no need to advertise something good)
  83. To raise cain ⇔ (to rebuke severely)
  84. To take the cake ⇔ (to take the first prize)
  85. To burn the candle at both ends ⇔ (to expend energy in two directions at the same time)
  86. If the cap fits, wear it ⇔ (if you think the remarks refer to you)
  87. Capital punishment ⇔ (the death sentence or penalty)(बहुत बड़ी सजा, मृत्युदंड)
  88. To put the cart before the horse ⇔ (to do first what ought to be done afterwards)
  89. To let the cat out of the bag ⇔ (to expose the trick)
  90. To fight like cats and dog ⇔ (to be always quarrelling and fighting)(हमेशा झगड़ते रहना)
  91. Care killed the cat ⇔ (don’t fret and worry yourself to death)
  92. See which way the cat jumps ⇔ (sit on fence)
  93. To rain cats and dogs ⇔ (to rain incessantly)(मूसलाधार वर्षा)
  94. He is a cat’s paw ⇔ (one used as a to something dangerous)
  95. To Catch one’s eye ⇔ (to attract attention)
  96. To take the chair ⇔ (to preside a meeting)
  97. She is no chicken ⇔ (she is older than she says)
  98. Chicken hearted ⇔ (weak, timid)(डरपोक व्यक्ति)
  99. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched ⇔ (don’t calculate your gains before they are realized)
  100. A chip of the old block ⇔ (a son resembling his father in face disposition, habits etc.)

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