Importance of Having a Supportive Professor in University

This is usually the routine practice or old system for many students that most of them end up their semesters or courses of studies without knowing much about
their faculty members or professor from whom they had been taking lessons. But
this is not a good practice and it is definitely not going to help you either. At the
university level campus experiences play a great role in shaping up a student’s
future success. The students who feel more integrated and incorporated in the
campus as a community member have the higher chances of success both
academically and socially in the long run. And this reflects the success of the

Importance of Having a Supportive Professor in University

Letter of recommendation

In the case of applying for a scholarship or job or even for pursuing higher studies
in certain university, a letter of recommendation is required. In that case if you
know a professor or who can speak highly of you will be a great help for having
such a recommendation letter. Time spent in colleges or universities and with
your professors will help you approach and feel comfortable for having such a
letter of recommendation. Your association and concern shown for the professors
and relations grown with them during the academic days will speak volume and
weight-age to work as a testament for bettering their recommendations.

Networking shows the way

The teachers in the academic fields have enormous source of networking or we
can say they have their former students or known influential people in most of
the industrial fields or institutions you thrust upon for a job or for earning a
degree in a specialized college or university. It is highly likely that the professors
know the industry people or people around the institutions of repute because of
their long associations in quest of research or for the reason that they are alumni

from their alma maters. Their letters of recommendation will help you in helping
your career objective in high degree as they had long associations with these
people, which can help you out in securing a scholarship or getting an internship
or for campus selection or even for working opportunities.

Pleasant Classroom environment

Personally knowing your professor can help you built a very good professional
relationship with them. This can ultimately lead you to enjoy your classroom
atmosphere and can give you an opportunity to learn also help you learn how to
respect. Attending classes and to understand the nitty-gritty of the subjects in the
very first instance is never going to be easy. It takes months to understand the
system of studies and the procedure to be followed to achieve success. Here if
you have a known face in the guides and coaches, it becomes very easy for you to
ask the professors questions which you do not understand or need some clarity in
simple language.

Involvement and achievement in the classroom

To interact with your mentor you have to start asking them to show you the way
to get success in the class. This would definitely help you to get the best from
your teacher as you have shown the interest and importance of their teaching in
the Classroom. Participation or attendance in the class is also well mentioned in
the syllabus or class curriculum. Certain percentage is taken care of for final
grading. Therefore participation in the classroom is very important and
alternatively this helps you complete your assignments. The impact practices like
internships, undergraduate research and community learning are very important
for students’ success. The experience a student gets in the campus definitely
shapes and connects their potential for professional achievements and success in
the future.
There should be more and more students-mentors engagements in and outside
the classroom. This can also make you very special in the eyes of your mentors
because they will understand your intensity and pursuit to learn in the right
direction. Thus, you can be well acquainted with your professors and grow a very

cordial relation with them. This will definitely increase your comfort level in the
classroom atmosphere and you can ask them something other than your topic to
have a friendly relation. You can offer them anything like lunch or coffee and the
campus know them well.

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