How to reduce negative marking in SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam

SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam is considered to be highly competitive as there is a considerable
mismatch between the number of applicants and the vacancies. As you have already
qualified Tier 1, you must be aware of the negative marking in SSC CGL Tier II
For every wrong response in the English Language section, there will be a negative
marking of 1/4 marks. In the Quantitative Aptitude section, there is a penalty of 1/2 marks
for each wrong answer. If you make too many mistakes, it will result in high negative marks
which shall hamper your chances of qualifying the exam.
Therefore, we bring to you recommendations on how to minimize negative marking in SSC
CGL Tier 2 Examination.

 Practice and Revision

In the preparation phase, ensure numerous revision of formulas, short tricks, vocabulary and
other relevant topics. Multiple revision will ensure better memorization, retention and recall in
the exam, which will aid you to minimize errors.
You must also make a habit of solving numerous mock tests. Test series teaches you how to
handle the exam pressure and improves your accuracy. You will get used to the exam
pattern, and the type of question asked in the exam.
After each test, analyse the mistakes and categories them into knowledge gaps or silly
mistakes. Silly mistakes are easily avoidable and try to reduce them to zero with each test.
You must not lose marks on such errors. For mistakes under the knowledge gap category,
go back and complete the topic for full coverage of the syllabus.


Read the question properly and avoid haste

One of the most common mistakes made by candidates is while reading the questions. As it
is a computer-based exam, there can be mistakes while noting down figures from the
question to your rough sheet. Therefore, make a note to prevent such errors. In the English
language section, read the questions with concentration to avoid misunderstanding it.
It is well understood that there is a time constraint thus manage your time effectively.
Do not spend too much time on one question, learn to move on and re-attempt that question
in the end. Reading in haste will increase the chances of errors and negative marking.

Take calculated risk

You need to answer a minimum number of questions correctly to pass the cutoff and qualify
the exam. You must begin with simple questions which take less time, and you are sure of
the answer. After the first round of answering the questions, you will move on to questions
where you are 50% sure of the correct choice, which means you can eliminate two options
out of the four.
Take a calculated risk and attempt the question to reduce negative marking.
Do not mark the questions where you do not know the answer. The exam is about maximum
correct answers and not about attempting maximum questions. Therefore, solve the exam
smartly and mark the answers with caution only after you are very sure of the answer.

You can also refer to Gradeup for SSC CGL 2020 Exam preparation tips and other expert
strategies for better preparation. The SSC CGL mock test will provide you with adequate
practice to minimize the negative marks and qualify SSC CGL 2020 with a good rank.

Do not mark answers in the last minute

Utilize every minute of the examination carefully and productively. Avoid answering
questions in the last minute to achieve a higher number of attempted questions. You will
make maximum mistakes in the final minute as you will anxiously solve the problems and try
to mark them in haste. As they say, “Haste makes waste” therefore do not waste your
The last minutes of the examination must be focused on re-checking those questions which
you were half sure of and also trying to re-attempt questions which took longer to solve. You
must also go through the questions which are marked for review and be sure of your
To reduce negative marks in SSC CGL 2020 Exam, you must begin practicing the same
from the preparation phase. Time your tests and analyse them continuously to ensure that
you reduce errors with each test.
Follow the tips as mentioned above to equip yourself for a better score and high probability
of qualifying the exam.
All the best!

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