Telugu Grammar PDF Download (తెలుగు వ్యాకరణం)

Telugu Grammar (తెలుగు వ్యాకరణం) Telugu Grammar PDF Download and complete information of Telugu Grammar is available without it it is very difficult to get complete knowledge of Telugu language, so after there is a lot of demand, we have made it available to download Telugu Grammar with the help of below link. If you are preparing or studying for any exam, then without any worry with the help of below link, Download Telugu Grammar PDF very easily and strengthen your preparation even more.


Telugu Grammar

For Primary Classes, we have made PDF available in this article, because we had received a lot of comments for this, in such a situation it is very important for those who do not have the knowledge of Telugu Grammar, with the help of this PDF, they can improve their grammar. Can be very quick, and can make the right strategy for the exam.

Telugu has three genders

  • masculine (puru liṅgamu),
  • neuter (napunsaka liṅgamu).
  • feminine (strī liṅgamu),

Telugu has Eight Cases. 

  • Sambodhanā Prathamā Vibhakti (సంబోధనా ప్రథమా విభక్తి)
  • Trutīyā Vibhakti (తృతీయా విభక్తి)
  • Chaturthi Vibhakti (చతుర్థి విభక్తి)
  • Prathamā Vibhakti (ప్రథమా విభక్తి)
  • Dvitīyā Vibhakti (ద్వితీయా విభక్తి)
  • Panchamī Vibhakti (పంచమీ విభక్తి)
  • Shashthī Vibhakti (షష్ఠీ విభక్తి)
  • Saptamī Vibhakti (సప్తమీ విభక్తి)

Telugu Grammar PDF

  • Vowels,
  • Consonants
  • Duplicates,
  • consonants
  • Language components
  • noun,
  • pronoun,
  • verb,
  • adjective,
  • adjective
  • Punctuation (pull stop, comma, question mark, exclamation point)
  • Periods (past, present, future tenses)
  • Inactive,
  • verb sentences
  • Concluding,
  • infinitive verbs
  • Common,
  • complex,
  • compound sentences
  • Karta-karma-kriya

Telugu Grammar PDF Download

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