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The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Hindi/English | 100 Vocabulary The Hindu PDF Free Download इस महीने बहुत सी बडी बडी परीक्षाए आयोजित कि जाएगी जिसमे से लाखो Candidates का भविष्य तय होगा The Hindu Vocabulary Download करना चाहते है तो आज हम आपके लिए आगामी परीक्षा के लिए जितना हो सकता है, हम कोशिश करते रहते है, कि आप सभी तक कुछ अच्छी जानकारी और आप जिस चीजो की माग कर रहे उसे आप तक पहुचाया जाए तो हम आपके लिए The Hindu Vocabulary लेकर आए है, जिसमे एक Meaning के अर्थ, Keyword, Mnemonics, Synonyms, Antonyms को बहुत ही बढीया ढंग से रखा गया है, हम यह आपको PDF के माध्यम से लेकर आए है, जिसे आप नीचे दिए गए Download Button के माध्यम से डाउनलोड कर सकते है। The Hindu Vocabulary pdf प्रत्येक परीक्षा में के लिए काफी जरुरी होती है। Bank Exams, Government exams, IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank PO , Canara Bank PO, SSC-MTS, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. के लिए महत्वपूर्ण है।the hindu vocabulary downoad

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF

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The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download

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The Hindu Vocabulary

1) CONFLATION (कनफ्लैशन) (noun) (सम्मिश्रण)
Meaning: a distinct entity formed by the combining of
two or more different things
Key word: Corn Flakes
Mnemonics: Cornflakes milk Mai MIX kr k khate hai.
Synonyms: Amalgamation, Alloy, Mixture
Antonyms: Component, Ingredient
2) PRESCIENT (प्रसिएंट) (adjective) (भविश्यदर्शी/ पूर्व ज्ञान रखने वाला)
Meaning: having or showing knowledge of events before
they take place.
Key word: Pre + Scene
Mnemonics: भविष्यदर्शी होने वाली घटनाओ को पहले ही देख लेते है। Farsighted people can see Pre Scenes.
Synonyms: Visionary, Farsighted, Predictive
Antonyms: Careless, Incautious, Shortsighted
3) IMPUGN (इम्प्यून)(verb) (बहस करना/वाद-विवाद करना)
Meaning: dispute the truth, validity, or honesty of (a
statement or motive); call into question.
Key word: Pugn = Punga
Mnemonics: Punga Lene vale sabse bina baat k *Bahas
karte* rehte hai.
Synonyms: Debate, Controvert
Antonyms: Agree, Support
4) APOSTLE (अपेसेल) (noun) (ईश्वरदूत)
Meaning: each of the twelve chief disciples of Jesus
Key word: Angel Post
Synonyms: Messenger, Harbinger, Angel
Antonyms: Opponent, Critic
5) REPRORATE (रैप्रोबेट) (adjective) (बदमाश)
Meaning: an unprincipled person (often used humorously
or affectionately)
Key word: Rep + Rob
Mnemonics: Representative of this company is a
Reprobate who robbed everyone.
Synonyms: Miscreant, Scoundrel
Antonyms: Honest, Principled
6) CHASTENING (चेसनिंग) (verb) (दंड देना/सज़ा देना)
Meaning: (of a reproof or misfortune) have a restraining
or moderating effect on.
Key word: Caste
Mnemonics: Caste caste krne Valo Ko Saja Deni chahiye.
Synonyms: Punish, Penalize
Antonyms: Compensatory, Acquitting
7) MALFEASANCE (मेलफ़ेजेन्स) (noun) (दुराचार)
Synonyms: Misconduct, Mistreatment, Malpractice
Antonyms: Good behavior, Goodness
8) PEDANTIC (पेडेंटिक) (noun) (पंडिताऊ)
Meaning: of or like a pedant.
Key word: Pandit
Synonyms: Doctrinaire, Donnish, Scholastic
9) RELEAGUER (रेगुलर) (verb) (घेर लेना/ अवरोध करना)
Meaning: lay seige to
Key word: Be + League (group)
Mnemonics: Be League(group) and seize them.
Synonyms: Surround, Enlace, Beset
Antonyms: Release, Liberate
10) RECALCITRANT (adjective) (आज्ञा ना माननेवाला)
Meaning: having an obstinately uncooperative attitude
towards authority or discipline
Key word: Recall + Trainee (Trant)
Mnemonics: Manager Recall his Trainee but he is very
Intractable or Arrogant.
Synonyms: Disobedient. Indocile
Antonyms: Obedient, Cooperative
11) VALEDICTORY (adjective) विदा का/आशीर्वादात्मक)
Meaning: pertaining to a farewell
Key word: Vale + Dictator
Mnemonics: purane Vale Dictator ki aaj Farewell party hai.
Synonyms: Farewell, Goodbye
Antonyms: Welcome, Introductory
12) MEDIOCRE (adjective) (साधारण)
Meaning: of only moderate quality; not very good.
Key word: Medimix soap or Cream
Mnemonics: Medimix Soap and Cream are very common
Synonyms: Original, General, Common
Antonyms: Exceptional, Outstanding, Extraordinary
13) WHISKER (noun) (मूँछ/ मामूली या संकीर्ण रासि)
Meaning: a very small amount.
Key word: Risk Whisk (fra foto)
Mnemonics: He took a Risk in his business and escaped
narrowly or by a whisker.
Synonyms: Moustache, Small, Shrink
Antonyms: Huge, Big
14) TRITE (adjective) (घिसा पिटा)
Meaning: (of a remark, opinion, or idea) overused and consequently of little import; lacking originality or freshness.
Key word: TRITE = Try It
Mnemonics: whenever we asked someone’s opinion or idea they always gave lots of ideas and said Try it or it or it… it’s really a TRITE dialogue.
Synonyms: Silly, Exhausted, Old, Stereotyped
Antonyms: Impressive, Important, Desirable
15) PROMULGATE (verb) (घोषणा करना)
Meaning: promote or make widely known (an idea or cause)
Key word: Promo
Mnemonics: Film makers Film ka Promo dikha kar film
ki releasing date ki घोषणा करते है। 1
Synonyms: Declare, Announce, Annunciator
Antonyms: Conceal, Hide
16) DERELICTION (noun) ( त्याग)
Meaning: the state of having been abandoned and
become dilapidated
Key word: Der – Elect
Mnemonics: Der se aane vale employees ko elect krk
Company unka Cul’T kar deti hai.
Synonyms: Neglect, Abandoned, Abdication
Antonyms: Retention, Fulfilment
17) AMENABLE (adjective) (उत्ररदायी)
Meaning: (of a person) open and responsive to
suggestion; easily persuaded or controlled.
Key word: Enable
Mnemonics: I admit that I enabled internet services and I am Responsible for its outcomes.
Synonyms: Responsible, Answerable, Chargeable
Antonyms: Disobedient, Intractable
18) INTERMINABLE (adjective) (अनंत)
Meaning: endless
Key word: opposite of Terminable
Synonyms: Everlasting, Endless, Eternal
Antonyms: Ending, Finite, Terminable
19) AMBIENT (adjective) (व्यापक)
Meaning: of or relating to the immediate surroundings of something
Key word: Ambar = Sky
Mnemonics: Ambar(Sky) is Ambient.
Synonyms: Vast, Comprehensive, Extensive
Antonyms: Limited, Narrow
20) EFFIGY (noun) (पुतला)
Meaning: a sculpture or model of a person
Key word: Egg
Mnemonics: He made a Model or Statue by Eggs.
Synonyms: Mannequin, Statue, Idol, Clone
Antonyms: Original
21) ABEYANCE (दुविधा, लटकाव)
Key word: Abey + Answer
Mnemonics: Abhi ne apne frnd se kaha Abey Answer bata mai gfden (confuse) mai hu.
Synonyms: Dilemma, Doubt. Suspence
Antonyms: Continuation, Activity
22) EXCULPATE (सफाइ देना/ दोष मुक्त करना) – Show or declare that someone is not guilty of wrongdoing
Key word: Excuse me + Explain + Culprit (alat)
Mnemonics: Excuse me I can Explain I am not Culprit.
Synonyms: Exonerate, Acquit
Antonyms: Charge, Convict
23) DECRY (दोष लगाना)
Key word: Cry + Criticize
Mnemonics: Our opponents can only cry and criticize us.
हमारे विरोधी सिर्फ रो रो कर (Cry) हमारी निंदा कर सकते है।
Synonyms: Denounce, Condemn, Criticize
Antonyms: Praise, Admire
24) ALACRITY (फुर्ती)
Key word: ALARM in CITY
a) People of this City are very Active or
Enthusiastic because they used Alarm.
(Assume alakriti is a name)
b) Alakriti (Alacrity) apni Kala dikhane k liye bahut
utsaahit hai.
Synonyms: Alert, Ready, Enthusiastic
Antonyms: Dull, Lethargic
25) EXCERPT (अंश)
Key word: EXERcise and PT
i. Exercise and PT are PARTS of physical training.
ii- Do 1st and 2nd Exercise (part) of this chapter.
Synonyms: Part, Fragment, Section
Antonyms: Whole, All
26) METTLESOME (adjective) ( वीर)
Meaning: (of a person or animal)
Key word: Mettle
Mnemonics: Mettle bht strong hote hai.
Synonyms: Brave, Strong, Courageous
Antonyms: Coward
27) ARDUOUS (कठिन)
Key word: HARD + OUS
Mnemonics: this work is HARD for OUS.
Synonyms: Herculean, Difficult, Cumbersome, Ponderous
Antonyms: Easy, Convenient

28) SPUR (उछाल)
Key word: Spring
Mnemonics: Spring par Sab chiz uchal (GEC) jati hai.
Synonyms: Trigger, Stimulate, Fire up
Antonyms: Slow down, Deceleration SULTRY (noun) (HHGR)
Meaning: (of the air or weather) hot and humid.

SULTRY (Noun) (उमसदार)

Key word: Sun + Try
Mnemonics: Sun is Trying to make atmosphere more Sticky
Synonyms: Humid, Airless, Sticky
Antonyms: Cool, Freezing, Cold

30) STYMIE (verb) (गतिरोध)
Meaning: prevent or hinder the progress of.
Key word: ST (speed test)
Mnemonics: Bad network ki vjh se ST beech mai hi ruk gai.
Synonyms: Obstruct, Hang up
Antonyms: Forward, Allow

31) ANODYNE (adjective) (पीडानाशक )
Meaning: a painkilling drug or medicine.
Key word: Sensodyne toothpaste
Mnemonics: Sensodyne toothpaste soothes toothache.
Synonyms: Calmant, Anetic
Antonyms: Poisonous, Venomous

32) CARPING (verb) (अवगुण ढूढने वाला)
Meaning: complain or find fault continually, typically about trivial matters
Key word: CAR + PIN
Mnemonics: jisne bhi mere Car k tyres mai Pin laga kar hawa nikali hai mai uski police Complaint karunga.
Synonyms: Captious, Fault finding, Hypercritical
Antonyms: Charitable, Forgiving

33) ENERVATE (verb) (कमजोर बनाना)
Meaning: cause someone to feel drained of energy or vitality; weaken
Key word: ENERGY + ATE (2nd form of eat)
Mnemonics: I forgot to extract cell from camaera and it Ate cell’s Energy
Synonyms: Exhaust, Weaken, Devitalize
Antonyms: Charge, Electrify, Refresh

34) EXECRABLE (adjective) (घृणास्पाद)
Meaning: extremely bad; unsatisfactory or unpleasant
Key word: Exam + Crack + Able
Mnemonics: IBPS changed the mains pattern it’s awful and candidate thinks that they are not Able to Crack the Exam.
Synonyms: Atrocious, Awful, Horrible
Antonyms: Acceptable, Wonderful, Excellent

35) SALUBRIOUS (adjective) (स्वस्थ)
Meaning: healthy, health giving
Key wors: Sallu (Salu) Bhai(Bro)
Mnemonics: Sallu bhai is Healthy.
Synonyms: Flourishing, Healthy, Hygienic
Antonyms: Noxious, Unhealthy

36) RECALCITRANT (adjective) (आज्ञा मानने वाला)
Meaning: having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline
Key word: Recall + Trainee (Trant)
Mnemonics: Manager Recall his Trainee but he is very Intractable or Arrogant.
Synonyms: Disobedient, Indocile
Antonyms: Obedient, Cooperative

37) FATUOUS (adjective) (मूर्ख)
Meaning: silly and pointless Key word: Fat
Mnemonics: Idiot/Stupid log oily items kha kha k apna fat bdha lete hai.
Synonyms: Silly, Foolish, Idiotic
Antonyms: Intelligent, Stupendous

38) ONEROUS (adjective) (कष्टदायक)
Meaning: of a task, duty or responsibility involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome.
Key word: One + Rough
Mnemonics: One Rough comment on your failure is Hard to listen or tolerate.
Synonyms: Burdensome, Cumbersome, Difficult
Antonyms: Easy, Effortless

39) OBSEQUIOUS (adjective) (चापलूस)
Meaning: Obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree
Key word: Ab Se Queue
Mnemonics: Ab Se Chaaploos logo Ko Queue Mai khade hone ki need nai hai. Vo Chaaploosi kr k hi apna kaam karva lete hai.
Synonyms: Sneaky, Servile, Faltterer
Antonyms: Superior, Arrogant

40) IMPECUNIOUS (adjective) (गरीब)
Meaning: having little or no money
Key word: 1 Am (M) Pack (Pec)
Mnemonics: I have no Money now I am Packing my luggage to go back to my home.
Synonyms: Penniless, Poor
Antonyms: Rich, Affluent

41) SPIES (जासूस)
Meaning: a person who secretly collects and reports information on the activities, movements, and plans of an enemy or competitor.
Key word: Spy Camera
Mnemonics: Spy camera works like a Detective.
Synonyms: Spy, Agent, Detective

42) JIBE (हँसी उड़ाना/चिढ़ाना/ ताना मारना)
Meaning: an insulting remark that is intended to make someone looks stupid.
Key word: Jeb (pocket)

Mnemonics: Jiske Jeb(Pocket) mai paise ni hote sab uska Majak Udhate/Taana Maarte hai.
Synonyms: Taunt, Gibe, Mockery, Innuendo
Antonyms: Praise, Admire

43) RAMMED (verb) (कूट कर समतल बनाना)
Meaning: roughly force (something) into place.
Key word: Ram + Mud (PHT)
Mnemonics: Ram ने Mud को कूट कूट कर समतल कर दिया।
Synonyms: Stab, Push, Force
Antonyms: Help, Protect, Uncompressed

44) REPERCUSSION (noun) (प्रतिक्रया)
Meaning: an unintended consequence occurring some time after an event or action, especially an unwelcome one.
Key word: Reper (Toffee Rapper) + Cussion (Cushion) Mnemonics: Toffee k Rappar Ko press krne par usme senoisy (unpleasant) sound aati hai.
Synonyms: Consequence, Result, Outcome
Antonyms: Cause, Beginning, Origin

45) TANDEM (adjective) (मिलकर)
Meaning: having two things arranged one in front of the other
key word: Ten Dam
Mnemonics: TEN DAMS k water se milkar electricity generate hui.
Synonyms: Arrangement, Team, Pair
Antonyms: Single

46) ABJECT (adjective) (दयनीय)
Meaning: (of a situation or condition) extremely bad, unpleasant, and degrading.
Key word: Ab+ Reject
Mnemonics: mera ye project bhi Ab Reject ho gaya now I am in Miserable situation.
Synonyms: Pitiful, Hopeless, Miserable
Antonyms: Happy, Commendable

47) NABBED (verb) (रोकना/अपराध करते समय पकड़ लेना)
Meaning: catch (someone) doing something wrong.
Key word: NAB=BAN (names) + BED
Mnemonics: Nab ne Ban ko Bed churate hue Pakda.
Synonyms: Seize, Catch, Arrest
Antonyms: Release, Free, Liberate

48) INEBRIATED (verb) (नशे में धुत्त)
Meaning: make (someone) drunk,intoxicate
Key word: IN+E (English)+ BAR
Mnemonics In English Bar everyone was Dunked.
Synonyms: Drunken, Intoxicated
Antonyms: Teetotaler, Dry, Cool
Use: Inebriated people should not drive the car it could become the reason of road accident.

49) STALKER (noun) (शिकारी)
Meaning: a person who stealthily hunts or pursue an animal or another person
Mnemonics: Shhh don’t Talk Shikaari chup chap shikaar krte hai.
Synonyms: Hunter

50) UNRELENTING (adjective) (बेरहम)
Meaning: not yielding in strength,severity or determination
Key word: Opposite of Relent(RHOF
Mnemonics: Unrelent log bht Nirdayi hote hai.
Synonyms: Unmerciful, Brutal, Inflexible
Antonyms: Kind, Lenient, Gentle

51) DISGRUNTLED (adjective) (असंतुष्ट)
Meaning: angry or dissatisfied
Key word: Indians are not satisfied with This (DIS) RUN rate of Indian batsman.
Synonyms: Grumpy, Annoyed, Dissatisfied
Antonyms: Contented, Pleased, Satisfied
Use: Public was disgruntled and enraged by the sudden announcement of demonetization.

52) PROTRACTED (adjective) (दीर्घ)
Meaning lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual
Key word: Pro + Trac (Truck)
Mnemonics: Pro company ka Truck lambe samay City II) tk chalta hai.
Synonyms: Prolong, Scattered, Enduring
Antonyms: Decrease, Diminish, Lessen
Use: Miscreants didn’t leave any proof of murder which made the investigation protracted.

53) SKIRMISH (noun) (झड़प)
Meaning: an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting, especially between small or Outlying parts of
armies or fleets.
Key word: Skirt + Dish
Mnemonics: Skirt par Dish girne se usne Ladai Jhagda start kr diya.
Synonyms: Battle, fight, Clash
Antonyms: Peace, Calm, Harmony
Use: Incidents of skirmishing along the border is increasing day by day.

54) REMNANTS (noun) (आवेश)
Meaning: a small remaining quantity of something
Key word: Ram + Ants
Mnemonics: Ram ne Ants k Avshesh samhaal k rakhe.
Synonyms : Remains, Remainder, Residue
Antonyms: Whole, Core, Base
Use: Remnants go on sale next week

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